Zpacks Hexamid Duplex Review

So, last weekend I was able to take my Zpacks Hexamid Duplex out for 3 nights in Pisgah National Forest. It’s difficult to write an in-depth review after only three nights in the tent, but the weather put it through some less-than-ideal conditions and it performed really well. I apologize in advance for the shitty photos – they were taken with my phone.

Zpacks Hexamid Duplex

The first night we were out, the temps were in the high 20s with a slight breeze, dry, no condensation.

The second night, temps were in the low 30s with rain all night, slight breeze, slight condensation.

The third night, it poured. It stayed in the mid-30s with winds averaging 15-20mph with frequent heavy gusts. Slight condensation again. We camped in a pretty exposed area, and that night’s wind was about the worst I would want to be out in again without finding a more sheltered spot. I used a few heavy rocks when staking down the tent that night.

All 3 days and nights were super foggy and everything was wet.

This tent is huge. With a long sleeping bag, I never touched the ends of the tent or got the bag wet at all. At one point, we (three 6ft tall guys) all sat in there together playing cards and were comfortable. Setup took about two minutes each night.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with how the doors set up or how I’d feel about it, but I actually really liked it. Even during the strongest gusts of wind, the doors only opened the slightest bit and never let in any rain. The vestibule areas were more than big enough to fit gear for two people, and I ended up cooking under those areas twice.

Overall, I definitely can’t think of any complaints so far. I’d recommend this tent for sure, and I’m looking forward to taking it out again soon.








ImageI figure I’ll have to throw in a few pictures of something other than the tent.




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8 Responses to Zpacks Hexamid Duplex Review

  1. Forrest says:

    Thanks for publishing the review. I’m using a Big Agnes Seedhouse UL-1 tent, and it’s just too small, plus the door makes it really awkward to get in and out of the tent. I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while, and Z-Packs seems to be the best option out there. So I’m really happy to see reviews of their tents in general (I can’t just go to the store and check one out, living here in Seattle) and especially positive reviews. I’m happy to hear that it only took two minutes to set up (quick and easy setup is a plus for the BA, and I’ve never had a tent that wasn’t freestanding) and I’m really happy to hear that the doors work well.

    • A.H. says:

      Thanks for commenting! It’s definitely huge for a 1-person tent. For comparison, one of the guys I was out with had the Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 and it was about the same size as the Duplex. Also, it having side-entry doors made it really easy to get in and out of. It would be nice to be able to get my hands on the stuff before I order it, but I’ve been really happy with everything I’ve gotten so far from them.

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks for posting your early impressions of the Hexamid Duplex. I was hoping that you’d have a partner with you to evaluate the tent’s size for a camping couple. Zpacks says it has a 45″ interior width; does that sound correct? Can the width be increased by a few inches and the wind inflow reduced (with risk on increased condensation) by pitching it lower via shorter (adjustable) guylines and lower trekking poles? If your Duplex is the 0.51 oz. Cuben, how do you feel about its transparency? I’ve never had a Cuben tent or tarp, so I’m not familiar with its transparency. I’m considering Zpacks’ 0.74 oz. Cuben just to gain a bit more privacy for my wife and me. Thanks again for your insights.

    • A.H. says:

      Yeah, I was hoping to have my wife come along on this trip so I could gauge the size a little better, but she couldn’t make it. Plus, my friends all had new gear they wanted to play with so we all took our own tents.

      I didn’t get a chance to measure the floor, but 45″ sounds about right. Pitching it lower would definitely help get it a little wider if needed. When testing it out around the house, there was still room to spare with two regular-sized NeoAirs inside.

      As far as cuben fiber goes, it’s pretty transparent. But I really like it. We like being able to see the stars a little more at night. We took the HMG Echo 2 (which I think was .74) on the JMT last year, and it’s definitely less transparent than the Duplex. I prefer the .51 for the weight savings and transparency, but I feel like the .74 would offer a little more durability and privacy.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for the review! Ron – I was also considering going a little thicker with .74 cuben…

    • A.H. says:

      Thanks for reading! The .74 is most likely a good call if you’d like some more privacy and durability. It probably wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more careful with the .51.

  4. Graham says:

    Great review!

    With my only experience being in my traditional free-standing (5-pound!) tent, I’m definitely looking to invest in a lightweight tent, and this looks like a smoother transition to tarp tents. As I’m doing the jmt with my girlfriend this summer, I’m thinking this would provide the same level of comfort/protection that my old tent has. I guess my first question is about condensation–I really don’t want it dripping down on my down bag, does this tent have any problems with that? Anyway, thanks for the review!

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