Borah Gear 9×5 tarp and Momentum 50 Bivy

I figured I’d start my first post off with a new piece of gear I just got. For the last few years I have been backpacking with a Six Moon Designs Lunar duo, and it has been perfect for me and my wife but it is to heavy for a solo shelter. I have been going back and forth looking at different tarp and bivy shelters when I came across Borah Gear.

I purchased the 9×5 flat tarp that they had listed and the Momentum 50 bivy with the side zip option. I also purchased some 1.25 Dyneema Zline with MicroLine Locs from Zpacks to use as the guy lines on the tarp. After everything was said and done I had a full shelter setup that came in just under a pound.

This is the first time that I have used a tarp so I’ve been playing a lot with different pitches in the backyard trying to get them dialed in now, and after next weekend I’ll have some real world experience with it. I’ve mainly had it set up in the standard A-Frame pitch and a half pyramid.

The bivy by itself came in at 5.71 ounces.


The tarp came in at 9.76 ounces with the guylines and line locs.


The whole package with a stake bag and a cuben stuff sack from HMG weighed 16.11 ounces.


I decided to go with the regular length and regular width for the bivy, and just for perspective I have a regular length Therm-a-rest NeoAir and a long Western Mountaineering Ultralite bag inside and have more than enough room.



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2 Responses to Borah Gear 9×5 tarp and Momentum 50 Bivy

  1. Nick kemerer says:

    Have you tried the setup out yet.

  2. Nick kemerer says:

    I purchased this also just waiting in for the

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